BieMmePi, successful makers of small machining centres, started in 1981 as a subcontracting machine shop and built up significant experience in the manufacture of components for machine tools, milling, turning and grinding jobs and designed mechanical components. Some years later BieMmePi designed and developed a small CNC machining centre, the prototype of which was completed in 1987. In 1988 this centre was exhibited at the BI-MU, Italy's most important machine-tool exhibition, where its innovative mechanical and electronic solutions, compact size, ruggedness and flexibility of use were appreciated by the visitors. After the commercial success of this product, two larger models were developed; also thanks to a powerful, user-friendly engraving software package, BieMmePi's machining centres swept the engraving-machine market and acquired the reputation of rugged, versatile and reliable machines. In 1991 BieMmePi dropped the subcontracting business to prepare the launching of an innovative machine for acetate frames in the optical market.

DOPPIOZERO, as this machine is known, stands out for compact-size, cost-efficiency and user-friendliness, wich makes it suitable for small frames manufactures too. The great success of this new mini-centre drove BieMmePi to design a new machine for optical market, named PRIMAVISTA, expressly developed to mill cylindrical, spherical, double-spherical and toric lenses and masks. 1996 saw the launching of a new group of high speed milling machines, Meta series, with 3 and 5 axes, looking at diesinkers and modelmakers market. BieMmePi design and make every mechanical components in their own shop and also develop the programming software. A very powerful 2D and 3D CAD-CAM system has been developed during the last 8 years and it has been appreciated especially by artistic diesinkers. Software development, machines design, manufacture and assembly, theoretical and practical training classes; consultancy and after-sale service: BieMmePi purpose is to provide the most complete service possible to their customers, for whom the firm will thus as a single, all-round service point.



The new FP family of engraving machines has been designed by BIEMMEPI SISTEMI for all the industrial engravings such as signmaking applications. Built up on a solid cast iron base, ball bearing screws with prestressed nuts and featuring an hardened aluminium T slot table, the high build quality and the strength of its design makes this new FP machines capable of engrave and mill all materials, from plastics to stainless steel.
As the bigger and more sophisticated machines af BIEMMEPI production, the new FP series can mill and do 2-D and 3-D machining with precision and fast rates, as you have never seen in other machines of the same class. Plates, control panels, mimic diagrams, internal and external signage, 3D signage, parts marking, objects and gift personalization: extend your engraving horizons with FP minicenters and move up your business !

FP type mini-centers
Tool change Manual
Working feed up to 120 ipm (3.000 mm/min)
Rapid feed up to 275 ipm (7.000 mm/min)
Interpolation Full 3-axis simultaneous movement
Spindle power 600 watt
Spindle rotation 600-24.000 rpm
Linear motion system Anti-backlash ballscrews with prestressed nuts 25 mm (0.98 inch) diameter
Collet for tools ER16 collet type, any diameter from 0,039 to 0.39 inch (1 to 10 mm)
Maximum tool diameter 10 mm (0,39 inch)
Axes motor Micro steps with 8 micron resolution
Safety features Transparent adjustable safety shield
Software Including BMPCAD XP PLATE version
Programmation ISO standard Fanuc compatible


The MC minicentres series includes seven models with different working area from 240x300 mm to 1240x620 mm. MC models are engraving and milling instruments with state-of-the-art performance, efficiency and reliability. The automatic tool change is practical, easy and reliable; the advanced numerical control is derived from the top milling machines series.
Increase minicentre versatility outfitting them with the large series of available fittings according to the customer necessity.
Is possible to combine roughing ,finishing ,milling ,engraving , drilling and tapping operations using several tools available in the crib to increase the productivity.
With BMPCAD, the CAD-CAM software developed by Biemmepi, the tools management become easy and executable at side machine

MC type mini-centers
Tool change system Automatic
Working feed up to 390 ipm
Rapid feed up to 787 ipm
Interpolation Full 3-axis simultaneous movement
Spindle power 600 watt
Standard spindle rotation 600-24.000 rpm
Optional spindle rotation 600-36.000 rpm
Avarage tool-change time 5 s
Linear motion system Anti-backlash ballscrews with prestressed nuts 25 mm (0.98 inch) diameter
Maximum tool diameter 10 mm (0,39 inch)
Axes motor Micro steps with 2 micron resolution
Tapping possibility Compensed
Programmation ISO standard Fanuc compatible


BIEMMEPI offers serveral machining centres adressed to the eyewear industry. DOPPIOZERO e PRIMAVISTA are both 4-axis milling machines, the first one is dedicated to the machining of frames, while the second one is dedicated to the cutting of lenses and masks. JOKER is a very versatile 5-axis milling machine, and it is intended to the machining of lenses, masks and even frames. The new QUBE LENSES and QUBE FRAMES are the most advanced technological solutions that BIEMMEPI offers to the eyewear industry. Both high-productivity machines, QUBE LENSES is specialized for the cutting of lenses and masks, while QUBE FRAMES is specialized for the machining of frames.




Bmpcad WX is particularly renewed in look, feel and features, it's a complete and versatile program and it's proposed in combining with the wide range of Biemmepi Sistemi machines. The application fields of Bmpcad WX are various, during the years Bmpcad has become larger to satisfy needings of rather distant sectors like the engraving industry with the production of plates, stamps, punches and medals; the eyewear industry with lenses, masks, frames and temples; or the leather industry (buckles, large size leather dice, dinking dice); the production of molds (food industry molds, paving tiles molds, etc.); gold articles (medals, earrings, bracelets), etc.
In the comparison table there are the functionalities available in the different versions, in addition there is a comparison with the previous version: Bmpcad XP.

Other Features

Bmpcad Plate software to engrave plates

BIEMMEPI learns write another time and presents PLATE, an intuitive and easy software to engrave plates.

Lenses and mask 3D working for Joker machine

Since the first of September 2004 Bmpcad software was enriched with new functions to make easier non spheric lenses and masks realizations.

3D modeling

Surfaces 3D modeling is simplified and strengthened with new procedure possibilities.



BieMmePi milling machines have many applications.
Refer to the following list to learn about the fields of application of BieMmePi machines.

Architecture Plastic model of buildings:
- workpieces cutting
Articles of clothing Buttons:
- cutting and/or engraving
- electrodes for button moulds
- punches for buttons
- dies
- electrodes
Wood, horn, plastics, brass, copper, graphite, steel
Electronics Printed circuits:
- cutting
- drilling
Fiber glass
Engraving Coining die, Electrodes, Medals, Panels, Plates, Punches, Stamps Steel, copper, graphite, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, polycarbonate, brass
Eyewear Frames:
- production
- electrodes for frame moulds
- production
- electrodes
- cutting
- electrodes for lenses molds
- electrodes
- production
Acetate, wood, horn, copper, graphite, CR39, polycarbonate
Giftware Key holders, Ash-trays, Paperweights, Hair ornaments, Photograph engraving,
- dies
- production
Silver frames:
- engravings
- dies
Wood, metals, plastics, steel, brass, acetate, aluminium, gold, silver
Gold articles Artistic medals, rings, ear-rings,
- models
- punches
- electrodes
- dies
Wedding rings:
- cutting
- engraving
Plastic, wax, steel, graphite, copper, gold
Leather industry Belt press-forging dies, Leather dies, die-cutting tools Brass, Steel
Mechanic (various) Marking, Nozzles drilling Steel
Molds, dies Date stamps for dies, Molds for food industry, Molds for paving tiles Steel, Aluminium, magnesium
Funeral art Book engraving, Plates,
Metal letter:
- cutting
- electrode or dies
Brass, copper, graphite, steel, bronze
Paper industry Die-cutting tools, Rollers dies for paper, Lettering guides, Stamps for paper Steel, Plastics, brass
Shoes Sole molds, Metal findings, Models Aluminium, brass, plastics
Signs Letters cutting Plastics, Aluminium, brass
Tools Tool bit electrodes, Tool marking Copper, steel, vidia
Others Switch covers, Gun engraving, prototyping Wood, hardened and tempered steel, plastics

Technical Service

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